Owner's Club - RJP
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The one and only Virtual Country Club for Trademark

Owners, helping Bizpreneurs™ Secure The Brand®

like Moguls.

Welcome! Our community of biz owners isn’t just another entrepreneur support group. The Owner’s Club is an exclusive membership created for trademark owners. Trademark Owners are serious about securing their brand. The Owner’s Club was created to help you maintain, watch, and enforce your trademark rights in addition to giving you entrepreneurial education that grows your bizness.

Find out if our community is right for you.

Is The Owner’s Club the community for you?

You work a 9-5 & run your business 5-9.

The Side-Hustler

The Side-Hustler is the ultimate hustler. You work for pay by day and make your own money by night. You may aspire to leave your full-time job one day, but you’re enjoying the benefits of 9-5 for now. Or you might not ever want to leave your 9-5, and that’s fine, too! Either way, you were born a hustler and you’re grinding to win at entrepreneurship! You’re looking for a community to help you elevate to reach your next biggest business goals!

Our membership is great for biz owners of all types. Check out the Bizpreneurs™ below to figure out which one sounds like you to know if this is the entrepreneurship community for you.

You’re a business builder.

The Serial Entrepreneur

This isn’t your first business, so you understand that entrepreneurship isn’t easy and can be very lonely for small business owners. You want community and help from experts that will actually bring value to the wealth of knowledge you already have. You’re playing to win!

You’re a full-time CEO.

The Full-Time Mogul

You’re living your best life as a full-time business owner, but full-time entrepreneurship brings struggles of its own. You’re looking for community and expert advice to help you run your business like a major corporation. You want to minimize the time you’re spending on your business while maximizing your income. You’re ready for the next level of entrepreneurship and don’t want to make it to the top alone!