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Our clients are innovative with an entrepreneurial spirit. At R.J. Pierce Law Group we help you protect the brand you worked so hard to build. We are here to serve your trademark legal needs and help you overcome any challenge you and your brand are facing within your creative business. We are committed to providing cutting edge trademark services.

Would you build a house on land you don’t own? So why are you building a brand and you don’t own it?.”

-Rosezena Pierce aka the biz lawyer

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We are your premier law firm for Trademarks! It’s very important that you hire a licensed attorney that specializes in Trademarks so they can make sure you are filed in the right class with the greatest protection under that class and the law. It’s the difference between having liability and full coverage. Don’t limit your Trademark application to just anyone or a DIY. As a full-service Trademark Law Boutique, this is our specialty.